Working Through The Pandemic – September 10, 2021

Even though the pandemic is not over, we at Abstracts, Incorporated thought we could share with you our own experience as to how we dealt with Covid-19. When it first hit, we did not know what would happen to the title industry. How greatly would this affect us? Would we ever be able to recover? Would realtors continue to show homes to prospective buyers? Could we efficiently work from home? Are we going to lose our long-term clients or employees? We were faced with all these questions with no definite answer. Regardless of the situation, we did everything we could to remain positive.


When dealing with our clients, we took great pride in our turnaround time with title reports. While our competitors were taking a few months, Abstracts, Incorporated took 10-12 business days. What a big difference! We knew that during these tough times, we had to be there for our clients and still provide the best service we could.


We conducted many remote closings with the cooperation of the attorneys for the seller and buyer. Prior to closing, we encouraged them to have fully executed documents and title affidavits sent to us. We held them in escrow pending authorization from the seller’s attorney that the funds have been received and we can release the documents for recording. We conducted closings on the hood of cars, through windows, in backyards, and even via Zoom! At Abstracts, Incorporated we were determined to do everything we could to secure closings and get the job done all while being safe.


We have also become more efficient by updating our technology. We no longer have to waste time and run around the office looking for paper files. All the information is available to us on our desktop computers or smart phones and can be accessed anytime or anywhere. In addition, we are also helping the environment by storing the information on our computers instead of mailing an enormous amount of paper for the title reports.


Working during the pandemic has been one of the most challenging situations we had to ever work through as a company. Yet, we remained hopeful and were still able to provide for our customers and give 110%. With the pandemic still currently going on, we are still taking safety precautions and doing our best to social distance when needed. Every day we continue to do our best work to ensure that each and every one of our customers are getting the best care and satisfaction.


As expected, 2020 was a crazy year but we are doing everything we can to bounce back better than ever. We commend much of our success during this time to our wonderful staff for their cooperation and remaining positive during these tough times. And lastly, to those who we worked with during these hard times, we thank you for your trust in us and we hope to continue working with you in the future. We cannot wait to meet with you all once again. Stay safe and healthy!


Abstracts, Incorporated