December 3, 2015 – Nassau & Suffolk County Fee Increase Effective Immediately

The Nassau County Clerk, Maureen O’Connell announced today that she will begin collecting the new fee increases, effective immediately (Monday December 7, 2015)

Section 19-17.0 of the Nassau County Administrative Code has been amended to increase the:

Tax Map Verification Fee from $75 to $225


Per Block Fee from $150 to $300 which constitutes a portion of the recording fee.


The fee increases will be assessed on each document submitted for recording, effectively raising each current recording fee by $300.


Reminder Suffolk County / Effective 12/18/15


Please be advised that Local Law 34-2015 increases the Real Property Tax Service Agency Verification Fee from $60 per document to


$200 per document for each lot verified with no maximum fee.


Please note that all documents presented or re-presented for verification to the real Property Tax Service Agency on or after December 18, 2015 must be assessed the new fee of $200.00 per lot, effectively raising the current recording fees by $140 per document per lot.

If you have any questions regarding the above fees, please feel free to contact us.