November 30, 2015 – Suffolk County Verification Fee Increase

    November 30, 2015

    Subject:  Suffolk County Verification Fee Increase


     Please be advised that Local Law 34-2015 was enacted which increases

     the Suffolk County Real Property Tax Service Agency Verification Fee to

     $200.00 for each lot verified.  The RPTSA verifies every Deed, Mortgage etc.  

     prior to recording the document in the Suffolk County Clerk. There will

     continue to be no maximum fee.


     Please note that all documents presented or re-presented for verification in

     Suffolk County to the Real Property Tax Service Agency on or after

     December 18, 2015 must be assessed the new fee of $200.00 per lot.


    We will begin to collect the additional fee in the coming weeks.


    Please be guided accordingly as this will raise the Suffolk County recording

    fees by $200.