April 11, 2018 – Revised Title Insurance Rate Manual


Date: April 11, 2018

To: All Our Valued Clients:


Please be advised that the Department of Financial Services of the State of New York and the Title Insurance Rate Service Association (TIRSA) has approved and revised the current Title Insurance Rate Manual for New York State. The changes made will take effect on all closings that occur on or after April 8, 2018. Although there are numerous changes to the revised manual, below are some examples of the most common provisions which affect many of our New York closings.


The following items have been increased and revised:


All Endorsements which currently have a cost of $25 will be increased to $50. The increase will apply to all Endorsements with the exception of those listed in section 27 (A), (B), (C) of the Rate Manual.


Construction Loan Policy Endorsements will take the place of “Date Down Letters”. There will be no charge for this endorsement. The rate for additional continuation searches will be $200 per after the first 5 which are included in the Construction Loan Premium.


Section 21(B) changes to the premium for a Commercial Contract Vendee Endorsement premium to the full Owner’s rate. It was previously 120% of Owner’s Rate.


The following rate provisions have been eliminated from the Revised Manual:


Cooperative Leasehold Insurance Rate.


Under the current manual, Cooperative Leasehold Insurance Rates are charged at 70% of the standard policy rates. All future policies will be charged at the full policy rate.


Bulk Fee, Leasehold and Loan Policies on Condo Units and Residential Subdivisions.


The Bulk Rate applied on the initial sale, lease or loan of a condominium unit or subdivision which contained 10 or more units, the rate charged was 70% of the standard rate. Under the revised manual no discount will be given, all policies will be charged at the full standard rate.


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