Special Search Charges

Attorney Search Last deed of record, judgments, liens, open mortgages (residential property) Residential $425.00

Commercial $575.00

Bankruptcy Search Per name $30.00
Business Search Judgment, Federal Tax Lien, Minor Lien & County UCC- Additional Name $75(Albany UCC & Banks extra $30.00 per name) $200.00
Certificate of Good Standing Certification of Good Standing within the registered state. $175.00
Certificate of Incorporation $175.00
Co-Op Search Includes open mortgage, judgment (county, liens, UCC’s v. buyers, sellers & co-op corp. (plus $30.00 per name per search Albany UCC and Banks) $325.00
Coop Liability $25K-100K $100.00
Extra Chain Charge (per chain) Per chain $250.00
Foreclosure Search Includes deed search, judgments, mortgages, parties defendant & taxes

Residential $450.00

Update $150.00

Commercial $550.00

Franchise Tax (alone) Per name $50.00
Health Certification

Plus 15K liability

Includes 15K liability

Residential $450.00

Commercial $550.00

Judgment & Liens Each Add’l Name $75.00 $100.00
Last Owner & Deed Copy Certified owner of property Residential $125.00 Commercial $150.00
Open Mortgage Search All open mortgages $300.00
Out of State full report Res.




Recording Fees Please refer to our cost calculator for exact fees Varies per county
Single & Separate Search Deed chain on subject premises & adjoining/abutting lots Each lot $150.00
Surrogates Search Per name per county $100.00
Tax Search Per lot $75.00
UCC Search – County Provides filing information. Per name. $50.00
Zoning Lot Certification Preparation of exhibits necessary to submit to DOB $400.00