Client Testimonials

Recently, we received a note from a Nassau Attorney about the Staff and quality of service he and his firm received, it reads as follows:


To: Sal J. Turano & The Staff of Abstracts, Incorporated

From: J.M., Esq.


“Just a note to express our gratitude to Abstracts Inc. and all of its employees for always doing a superb job and, when need, going above and beyond to work with our office in whatever arises.”

Thank you all.

Signed J.M., Esq.



SD Says:

“Without a doubt, Sal and the gang at Abstracts are, by far, the most professional and responsive title company in the business. Not only do they call you back within minutes, they always get you what you need. Peter and Tom will answer any title question I ask them, even when it’s not their deal. That’s going the extra mile for their customers. I highly recommend Abstracts Inc. to all of my colleagues. You won’t be sorry.”



AS Says:

“I’m glad Steve Frank brought me to your company. My clients and I appreciate every effort that has been put into delivery of clean title. Good job.”

AS also Says:

“Good client caretaker. Wonderful services. Thanks again.”



PA Says:

“Abstracts, Incorporated is one of the best abstract companies in the industry today. They have a great staff that is responsive to all of our firm’s title insurance needs. Our firm trusts Abstracts, Incorporated with any type of title insurance transaction, and we will continue our long-standing relationship with them.”



AP Says:

“We normally work directly with the underwriters to clear titles. In this case we were the seller’s attorney and I had the opportunity to work with Abstracts, Incorporated. The work was not only completed faster but the service was exceptional and professional. Tom Turano who went out of his way to solve issues that came up making my job easier helped me. I will use Abstracts, Incorporated whenever possible.”


IL Says:

“When we have a challenging issue requiring a title search, or need an expedited search Abstracts, Incorporated ranks very high on our list of what title company to call, and your staff does it proud with great responsiveness.”



ML Says:

“I have dealt with other title companies when my client is the seller in a transaction, and the level of attention is just not the same. As Real Estate projects become more complicated and as new issues arise, I know that I have a reliable and knowledgeable asset in Abstracts, Incorporated.”



NBR Says:

“I’ve run into a lot of sketchy characters in this business. Abstracts, Incorporated is the most reputable and service-oriented business I’ve seen.”


AA Says:

“If you’re an attorney who isn’t thrilled with the title companies you work with, I highly recommend you give John Granieri a call over at Abstracts Inc. They helped me learn the ins and outs of real estate when starting out and are still a resource I heavily rely on when dealing with outside the box Title issues.”